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Did you know that the majority of screwdrivers in products is screwed in by hand? And a lot of time, specifically 40-50% of all the assembly time, is being used by employees putting in each individual screw hand-by-hand with a hand-held screwdriver, every single day. 👷👩‍🏭

Big industrial robots are able to pick and move extremely heavy automobile party easily. But although robots undergo a strict safety assessment, there is still an uneasy feeling. What if something happens? And is the collaborative screwdriver tool safe, too? 

We moved to our very own new office, excited for a new chapter🦾

It is the United Nations Global Goals week! 🌿  And we are pledging to fulfill Goal #8.

Recently Denmark has been ranked as the world’s 6th most innovative nation, which is even better than last year! But what exactly is innovation, why is Denmark so good at it, and what does it have to do with robotics?  

3 new students from UCL University College started their internship in Software Development

3 interns successfully finished their semester and thus their internship at Spin Robotics, congratulations! 

Today we had a lot to celebrate, it has been a really good week for us! 📈 


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