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The electronics industry is changing and advancing at an unprecedented pace. Over the past few decades, this acceleration has become even more prevalent. To give you some perspective of how fast this industry is changing, consider that the top players in this field were entering the market just over 10 years ago. 

With the advances in robotics and related technologies, today more companies get to reap the benefits of automation than ever before. 

Finding the right screwdriver application isn’t always a clear-cut decision for manufacturers.  

As technology in automation is maturing, more companies get to exploit the benefits that intelligent solutions can offer. This results in higher productivity, better safety, and decreased costs for manufacturers. 

Automation and the use of robotics are becoming more prevalent across industries to improve productivity, quality, save costs, and increase employee safety.  

Screwdrivers are a versatile category of tools used in a lot of different industrial areas.

Did you know that the majority of screwdrivers in products is screwed in by hand? And a lot of time, specifically 40-50% of all the assembly time, is being used by employees putting in each individual screw hand-by-hand with a hand-held screwdriver, every single day. 👷👩‍🏭

We moved to our very own new office, excited for a new chapter🦾

It is the United Nations Global Goals week! 🌿  And we are pledging to fulfill Goal #8.


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