Intelligent Plug'n'Produce screwdriver tooling
Cost-efficient, highly flexibility and truly collaborative
Product information

Why Spin Robotics?

All-in-one box

Off-the-shelf solution - All our tools for collaborative robots are fully integrated with the robot to ensure smooth and easy use


Short ROI - approximately 10-12 months, lower prices than established competitors in the market

Truly collaborative & safe

Safe alongside humans - the first ever existing safe screwdriving tool, needs only a short risk assessment time

Cut down assembly time

Save up to 40-60% of the assembly and production time, increase production through automatization

Industry 4.0

Full integration of robotics, screwdriving, and Industry 4.0 technology, full benefit of digitalization of industrial processes

Detailed Analysis

Online quality assessment of each screw - torque data stored in the device & cloud, machine learning detects insertion failure

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Big industrial robots are able to pick and move extremely heavy automobile party easily. But although robots undergo a strict safety assessment, there is still an uneasy feeling. What if something happens? And is the collaborative screwdriver tool safe, too? 


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