About Us

Spin Robotics was founded in September 2019 by two dedicated robotic entrepreneurs with more than 15 years of experience in the robotic industry. Our headquarter is placed in the city of Odense – the robotic capital of Denmark. We are born out of the innovative robotics cluster in the city of Odense which gives us a unique position to collaborate with peers, educational and governmental institutions.

Our company are born global with a strategy to develop, sell and distribute innovative Plug-n-Produce tools for collaborative robots which enables manufactures to fully benefit from collaborative robots.

Our goal is to provide Plug-n-Produce robotic tools that are easy-to-use, cost-efficient and safe alongside human workers.

Our Vision

Spin Robotics is founded on a vision of providing the global industry with plug-n-produce End-of-Arm robotic tools for Collaborative robots (cobots).

It is our vision to remove manual and repetitive tasks in industrial production. Too many employees world-wide struggling with overuse injury of bag, shoulder, arms and wrist because of repetitive work. Spin Robotics envision a near future where collaborative robots empowering people by enabling true collaborative work where robots are working alongside humans – the robot become a tool to ensure a better working environment resulting in higher productivity.

Turning collaborative robot arms into collaborative applications requires safe tooling.

Our Mission

It is our mission to enable small and medium enterprises to cost-effectively automate high-mix and low-volume production tasks, by introducing intelligent tooling for collaborative robots.

We provide true plug-n-produce robotic tools – easy to mount, program and deploy in a production line. AI, machine learning, sensing and active robotic control will provide the necessary intelligence require to achieve true plug-n-produce functionality even in complicated applications and processes.

It is a key value for us, that all our products are collaborative safe in compliance to the ISO/TS 15066:2016 technical specification. It is not enough to be able to easily program the robot. Deployment of the entire solution must be straight forward – including the safety assessment.

Meet Our Fantastic Team

We are passionated entrepreneurs dedicated to bring the newest plug-n-produce tools for collaborative robots to the market.

Thomas Sølund

CTO & Co-Founder

 +45 51957100

Product development and tech lead.

More than 8 years experience working as a consultant, software developer, manager & technical advisor in the robotic industry. Latest at Danish Technological Institute – Center for Robot Technology

MSc. Robotics from SDU & Ph.D. in Robotics from DTU

Teit Silberling


 +45 21172742

Business development and partnerships.

More than 20 years experience working as serial entrepreneur, digital business developer, CCO, CEO & cluster manager in different private & public tech companies – latest in robotics and drone companies.

MSc. Business, Language & Culture from SDU.

Sami Frølund Jarrar

Lead Mechanical Engineer

 +45 21408126

Mechanical development

3 years experience from the danish robotics industry. Sami is responsible of the mechanical development of our Plug & Produce robotics tools

BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from SDU.

Marcus Sebastian La Cour Pedersen

Robotic Engineer Intern


Software development.

BSc. Robot System Engineering from SDU (2020)

Stefan Bo Bjerregaard Birch

Electronic Engineer Intern


Hardware development.

BSc. Mechatronic Engineering from SDU (2020).

Frederik Wede Hansen

Robotics Engineer Intern


Software development

BSc. Robot System Engineering from SDU (2020).

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