Plug'n'Produce Screwdriving Tool

The screwdriver tool is a brushless screwdriver system made for use with collaborative robots for safe, easy-to-use, and consistent screw assembly operation for screws that requires a tightening torque. The tool has several build-in features which enhances robot integration and supports collaborative work environments. Easy to mount, easy to program.

Light Signaling

Multicolor status indicator +
audible signaling

Configurable Pushbutton

Control start, top, reset, save waypoint or other equipment


Safety Shield

With build-in bit and screw detector

Quick Change Coupling

Multicolor status indicator +
audible signaling

Magnetic Screw Holder

Secure and precise ‘screw holding bit adaptors

Freedrive Button

Push and move for easy route programming

Pick & Place Applications

The tool is made for pick & place screwdriving applications. This means that screws are picked up from an automatic screw feeder positioned within the reach of the robot. 

Safety Shield

The safety shield covers the bit and screw when on the move, thereby protecting humans from rotating and sharp elements. If the tool hits an object, a safety sensor halts the robot. The built-in safety sensor is a performance level d (ISO 13849-1) making safe implementation easier. 

Easy Route Programming

A teach pen helps to pinpoint the exact position of the holes. When the free drive button is pressed the tool can be moved to the next position. Use the configurable button to save waypoints.  

Automatic Bit Change (optional)

If multiple different screws are used at the same workstation, an optional bit changer can be acquired and used in combination with additional screw feeders.  

Download the CS-35 data sheet

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