What is innovation and why is Denmark so good at it?

Recently Denmark has been ranked as the world’s 6th most innovative nation, which is even better than last year! But what exactly is innovation, why is Denmark so good at it, and what does it have to do with robotics?  

 The newest report from Global Innovation Index ranked 131 countries based on their innovativeness, Switzerland is leading with number one, Sweden is holding the second place and Denmark is on the 6th, one place better than last year. Their ranking is based on different parameters, among them are education, infrastructure, business culture and political environment.  


But what is innovation? 


By short definition, innovation is the introduction of something new. Innovation means challenging conventional ways of how things have been done before, and bringing new ideas and new ways to execute certain things. A common example are electric cars. Cars running on fuel have existed for a long time, but with recent environmental challenges a need for alternatives emerged, and with it electric cars.  


And Denmark is good in facilitating innovation?  


Yes, Denmark emphasizes the increase of new innovation and invests heavily to provide all necessary resources possible for growth. A good example is Invest in Odense which managed to collect EUR + 800m with hundreds of active investors for the robotics cluster alone!  


What does it have to do with robotics?


Robots, especially collaborative robots, are introducing new ways on how to automate assembly and production lines. The variety nowadays is huge, from grippers to collaborative screwdrivers, there is always a way to increase production by applying robotics and use employees for other more fulfilling tasks. The inventions of new cobots to ease and increase production is rising, challenging conventional production approaches. Innovation and change are good, therefore Denmark rightfully deserves to be among the most innovative countries.  


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