United Nations Global Goals

It is the United Nations Global Goals week! 🌿  And we are pledging to fulfill Goal #8.

What are the Global Goals?  

Global Goals, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are set by the United Nation and nearly every country in the world pledged to make those goals happen to ensure a better future for everyone. There are 17 SDGs including ending extreme poverty, giving people better health care and achieving equality for everyone.  

The goal is set for 15 years with specific metrics that are aimed to be met. Even if not all goals are met at the end of the period, even the smallest steps are still improvements towards a better future for us all. 💚 


What is Spin Robotics doing to contribute?  

Spin Robotics is pledging to fulfill Global Goal #8Decent Jobs and Economic Growth. We are providing good work conditions, an excellent work life and employment opportunities for you people in order to contribute to an economic growth. Besides that we are also an innovative and Startup and create new solutions and jobs.  

As the company grows 📈, more Global Goals will be added, but for now we are happy that all of our employees are content and enjoy their work.  



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