Fun facts about co-founder Thomas Sølund

Did you know that Thomas Sølund used to work for Teknologisk Institut in Odense?

Did you know that our co-founder  managed robotics Start-Ups at  before he started the company Spin Robotics with his co-founder? 🤔

It was during that time that he developed a taste for being an entrepreneur himself, and now he is entering the robotics market with a screwdriver tool for cobots.

Thomas may be older than his fellow entrepreneurs at Teknoligsk Intsitute, but with a decade of experience in the robotics field and a degree in robotics from Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark and a Ph.D. in computer vision from DTU – Technical University of Denmark/SDU, he is highly competent and ambitious to change industry and assembly lines for the better. 📈

Spin Robotics is just starting out, great things are coming! 🏆

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