Product Announcement!

It’s a collaborative screwdriver tool!

Odense Robotics published an interview with co-founder Thomas Sølund today where Spin Robotics announces what the team has been working on the whole time, it is a screwdriver tool for collaborative robots.

After a year of hard work, we are happy to announce that we have been working on an end-of-arm screwdriving tool for collaborative robots, it is an all-in-one screwdriving tool for cobots that removes manual and repetitive tasks during industrial assembly operations, and another very important aspect is that it is safety certified to work alongside humans, which makes it the very first truly collaborative screwdriving tool.

Our tool can be fully integrated with cobots to ensure smooth and easy usage, it is specifically designed to make it easier to use and faster to mount, program and deploy in production setups.

Our mission with this tool is to automate screwdriving applications, eliminate workers’ injuries in assembly lines, and increase productivity by removing 40-60% of the manual assembly time which is normally spend on screwdriving processes.

The all-in-one screwdriving tool for cobots has immense potential and we have a golden opportunity now to take on a large part of this new market.

The expectations are that we will sell more than 39.000 screwdriving tools for cobots before 2025. This is just the beginning, more innovative products will follow.