How to improve employees' well-being with screwdriver cobot

Did you know that the majority of screwdrivers in products is screwed in by hand? And a lot of time, specifically 40-50% of all the assembly time, is being used by employees putting in each individual screw hand-by-hand with a hand-held screwdriver, every single day. 

A lot of screws and a lot of time 

Of course, powered hand tools are widely used nowadays, they massively increase productivity compared to man-powered hand tools, but they also rapidly increase chronic pain in neck, shoulders, elbows and hands that is due to high repetition, rapid pace and greater tool vibration. 


Long-term repetitive use of powered hand tools in industry and assembly leads to musculoskeletal injuries, which result from repeated microtraumas, defined as cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) and repetitive strain injuries (RSI). 


Risks from repetitive screwdriver work 

The main risks are resulting from force, repetition, awkward posture and insufficient recovery time. Repetitive work often implies a combination of repeated motion in hands, static loading of the neck and shoulders, and a low decision altitude. 


The most prevalent region for pain and distress is the neck/shoulder region, after that it is the elbow/hands area. The most common diagnosis is “tension neck syndrome”, and unfortunately it is also most often diagnosed on the right side of the torso, which creates an imbalance of pain in the body. 


Minimizing risks for employees

There is a substantial potential for prevention of repetitive strain injuries. Employers can pay attention that workers do not spend too much time doing the same task or introduce more frequent smaller breaks to have some recovery time. But this may decrease productivity as less time is being spend screwing. 


One of the benefits from automation is that repetitive work gets reduced, employees can be used for more creative tasks that are enjoyable. From a business part, cobots increase output and quality. And the Omron Tm´s robot with embedded vision is a perfect match for screwdriving” – Jacob Hüttel – Field Sales Engineer for Omron Industrial Automation Europe


Increasing productivity and employee work satisfaction

Don’t worry, there is THE optimal solution! Introducing a cobot with our screwdriver tool in your workspace! 


–       Can do repetitive tasks over and over and over again 

–       Works longer hours, does not need a break 

–       Increases productivity 

–       Releases employees to do more creative and fulfilling tasks 

–       Absolutely safe to work alongside humans #staysafe 


And those are just a few of the many benefits.  


Contact us if you are interested in our screwdriver tool for cobots, because in the end it is a win-win for both employees and employer. We will be happy to provide you with more information and better your work culture! 





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This post should not be seen as medical advice. If you feel pain from repetitive work, you should contact your doctor.